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7 Guides To Planning Your Holiday To Thailand

If you are not aware, I am a massive fan of Thailand. I have been there and very soon it will become a second home for me and my girlfriend. We love the idea of living and working in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is so much to see, do and...
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What is SEO in Zimbabwe?

I get asked this questions a lot from businesses in Zimbabwe... What is SEO and why does my website need it? For years I have been building websites for businesses in Zimbabwe and I have very rarely been asked the questions... "Can you get my website higher in the...
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Apple Store Liverpool

Credit where Credit is Due Word of warning to anyone... do NOT leave a bottle of water in your computer bag. It could spill and ruin your day!! This is something that I am currently going through at the moment and it is not something I would recommend to anyone. After...
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My personal vendetta with Yelp

The line has been drawn and our relationship is over. Time to move on. Many years ago, in a past life, I worked at Yelp in their London office. It was the time they had just purchased Qype for $50 million and they were merging the two companies. Fancy offices in a...
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