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I am a 35-year-old Zimbabwean who loves to be on the open road. I love seeing and experiencing new places, cultures and the idea living out of a bag. I left Zimbabwe when I was 19 and moved to the Uk to experience new things, see new places but I got caught up in the trap. I worked too long and hard and had nothing to show for it. Sure I saw a few places in Europe but I was travelling and I burnt myself out.

I needed to get out of the UK and so I came back home to Zimbabwe to recharge my batteries. Well my batteries are charged and I am ready to see the world again but this time, I am going to do it so much better…

About Me

Craig RileyI have been building websites for many years now and with that, it has allowed me to see some of the world and experience some wonderful places. Through my travels, I have learned about the quality of life I want to have and my goal now is to attain that lifestyle.

The Jungle Nomad website is my way of sharing my travel experiences and how I am going to get my business to the level that allows me to travel as and when I want to.

My Digital Skills Base

As I said and will discuss throughout the website is I am a web designer & SEO Specialist and I have many websites that all work for me in different countries in the world generating my new business. I shall be documenting this so you can see what techniques I am doing to optimise this website in one of the most competitive cities for SEO in the world.

I will always work with new business clients as it excited me as I get to design new websites for clients and is always a challenge to get them to rank in the search engines. This is my core and it keeps me in tune with what is working for businesses in the search engines.

I have never really focused on affiliate websites but I will be working towards having these websites work for me. These new websites that I will be developing will deliver a continuous revenue stream which will allow me to travel without worry of finance.

If you would like to contact me please for any reason, please send me an email or fill out the contact form on the contact page.

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