This South African Hotel Will Make You Forget You Don’t Live an Easy, Luxurious Life | GQ nice hotel should leave you feeling grateful you lead a life where you are privileged to spend a few days surrounded by splendor. But a truly nice hotel shouldn’t leave you feeling grateful. Instead, it should anticipate your whims so far in advance that it doesn’t even occur to you to feel grateful; it should recalibrate your barometers of entitlement and warp your sense of self so completely it’s as if “sumptuous repose” is the only condition you have ever known. I’m talking about a class of hotel so luxurious it soars beyond opulence into an alternate dimension where magnificence is casual, where a breezy staff (more like your loving family who work for you) renders your daily tasks so indescribably easy the previous days of your life feel like a poorly remembered bad dream, where the skin-softening bath crystals are gratis, unlimited, and silently replenished. Singita Lebombo is one such establishment, and they also have archery lessons.

Hope for Lions in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area | Taiwan News people around the world are not aware that lions and other predator species currently face a major crisis. The lion population worldwide has plummeted 43% in the past two decades, and only about 20,000 remain across Africa. Habitat loss, bush-meat poaching, and human-predator conflict – primarily with local herders that share their land and livestock grazing areas with the lions’ habitat – are the main reasons for this sharp and worrisome trend.

Today, lions occupy just 8% of their historical range, and extensive habitat loss is likely to continue as Africa’s human population grows from 1.2 billion currently to 2.47 billion in 2050, as estimated by the United Nations. For lions to survive, it is crucial to find ways for them to co-exist with human communities in Africa’s remaining savannah habitats.

By training local Maasai warriors as ilchokutis, lion protectors, KopeLion is able to inform local livestock herders of the lions’ real-time location, and how to avoid them. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a lion attack, the ilchokutis also administer veterinary care for harmed livestock, thereby building more favorable attitudes of the local herders towards the lions. Via

TTG – Features – Discovering the delights of magnificent Malawi offers an authentic African experience with lakeside lodgings, wildlife, friendly locals – and plenty of tea. Karl Cushing finds himself smitten with the ‘warm heart of Africa’.

The “sticky chicken” main arrives smoked in tea and it infuses the rice while a subtle twang of oolong flavours a delicious panna cotta.

Thankfully, as former family home to the owners of the surrounding tea estate Satemwa, the tea is top notch and in between a factory tour, tasting session and walking and cycling tours of the estate I learn a lot about it, including the fact that it’s stocked by Waitrose and star chefs such as Heston Blumenthal. Yet my stay yields so much more.

It’s a wonderful place to kick back over lovely, long meals and drinks in great company. The owners prove genial hosts and lift the experience with inventive menus, stories and little touches. One example being the scenic sundowners Anette serves up at a picnic spot on nearby Mount Thyolo as I look out at the spot where the Rift Valley melts into the plains. Via