Credit where Credit is Due

Word of warning to anyone… do NOT leave a bottle of water in your computer bag. It could spill and ruin your day!!

This is something that I am currently going through at the moment and it is not something I would recommend to anyone.

After a day of walking, meeting clients in London I left my laptop in my bad over night but what I did not remember is there was a bottle of water in the same bag. I woke up to a very wet bag and a laptop that would not turn on.

What makes this even worse is it is my new Macbook Pro and I was still breaking it in…

Fortunately, I have insurance and it is covered which is a good thing but to get it fixed or replaced it needs to be assessed by Apple and the closest shop is in the heart of Liverpool.

Now, I am sure almost all of you are aware you can not just walk in and speak to a “Genius”. You have to make an appointment and the earliest I could get to see them was 6 days after I called them.

My appointment was at 5.30pm and I was seen exactly on time. Great service!!

Right now, my laptop is being assessed and checked by the geniuses at Apple and I should hear back from them in 5-10 days.

Apple has the right plan

If I had walked into a computer repair shop they would have made me pay for this inspection. Apple has charged me nothing. All that work for free.

For me, this is great customer service and why they are such a massive brand.

Now, I hope they come back with some good news and I can get back to working on my laptop and all my data is there.

What are your thoughts on Apple?