Building my online website portfolio

About a year ago, I came across a website by an America blogger who showed me the light and introduced me to the Rank & Rent method of internet marketing.

As I read through his blog, it all started making sense and lead me on to my path of making money online.

The idea is to build websites that rank for certain keywords and then rent them to businesses in that niche/industry.

Hence the name Rank & Rent. 

What’s the difference between client SEO and R&R?

With client SEO, you are working to rank the client’s website in the search engines and at any time the contract between you and the client can be cancelled.

When the contract cancels, you have to then find a new client, pitch them, sign them up and start all over again.

With Rank & Rent, I own the website and once it is ranking in the top 5 positions of Google, it becomes a sort-after website to rent.

When the website gets into the top 3 listings there is a high demand and there are a number of businesses who want to rent your website.

The cherry on the cake is when a client decides to stop renting your website, you can approach their competitors and get them to rent the website from you.

All you have to do is change a couple of images and divert your trackable number to their phone number.

As long as the R&R website is ranking and getting calls there will always be a queue to rent the site.

Rank & Rent websites

Like houses that people buy to rent out, the Rank & Rent model works in the same way.

I am building websites that will benefit local businesses thus prolonging the time that a business will rent the website.

Thus creating a residual income stream.

What are your thoughts on the R&R model? Share below.