Guide to Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a wonderful place to visit and Patong Beach is intense… Good Times!

I recently visited Thailand for 3 weeks and it was my first time to this country, I know… why so late? and it was a wonderful place and I shall definitely be going back for many reasons. This will be one of my bases when I am in Asia traveling around as it is very cheap to live and the lifestyle there is amazing. If you can work remotely, I recommend Thailand as a base of operations.

Landing in Phuket

I landed in Phuket rather than the normal Bangkok as I wanted to visit the islands near Phuket and I will get into those in separate posts. When planning my trip to Phuket, I had heard of Patong Beach and with that, I decided to stay there. What I was going to experience, I could not have planned for… It is out of this world.

Patong Beach, Phuket is one of the Las Vegas islands of Thailand. Patong is designed for people who are looking to relax on the beach during the day and partying till the early hours of the night. It is even better if you are in a group for a hens or stag party as you will get your monies worth, that’s for sure.

Patong Beach

The beaches are nowhere near the best Thailand has to offer, not even the best of Phuket but they will allow you to sunbath and get the holiday tan you are looking for. There are loads of activities if that is your thing and plenty of places for you to spread your towel and relax. There are many people that come around and selling beverages and food so you do not even have to leave your desired beach spot.

Patong Beach Nightlife

This is what everyone comes to Patong Beach for… the sun goes down and the whole place changes and the roads you walked down during the day have completely changed and are now designated party streets.

The main road that you need to visit is Soi Bangla or Bangla Road. This is the main road where all your hopes and dreams of Phuket come true. The road is blocked off from any vehicles and it suddenly becomes a giant walkway between the bars, I mean the road is completely full of people from all walks of life.

If you are starting from the beach entrance, the bars are in tamer and the further you go up the more intense they get and to be fair the more fun they get. As you walk up the road, you must stop off at different bars and enjoy taking in the whole experience.

There are many bars and when I saw many, I mean they are literally next door to each other so there are no shortages of places to wet your pallets. Many of the bars have specials and their own unique offers to entice you in, some of them are worth it and some (if you calculate it) is a rip-off. You need to have your drinking heads on when making your drinking bar decision.

About half way up, you would have seen and experienced many things and by now you are getting into the swing of things. You would have been offered Ping Pong shows of Go Go shows by 20 or more sellers (they get paid for getting you in the door) and you could have been tempted but wait… the best is still to come. If you are looking for “Naked Ladies” I would recommend down Soi Sea Dragon, there are many places that will satisfy your needs.

NB* There are many places who will capture you and make you pay ridiculous prices for drinks and wont let you leave if you do not pay. Stay safe

As you move further up Bangla road, you will notice that the bars get bigger and more elaborate. You will also see more ladies dancing on stages for your pleasure. The music is pumping and it is time for you to get yourself into one of the clubs.

There are four main clubs on Bangla Road: Illuzion, Seduction, Tai Pan Club and White Room

Either one of these night clubs, who close around 5 am, will keep you entertained for the rest of the night. The music is epic and there is plenty of room to dance. A great way to finish your evening.

My Advice

If you plan to visit Phuket, you must visit Patong Beach as you will enjoy it but also go and stay at other beaches. Go and see more places and beaches. Kata beach is amazing and it is only down the road.

Share your thoughts below on Patong Beach and where else you have visited.

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