This is one of my top islands to visit when in Thailand. So much to do and so much fun.

When I arrived in Phuket, I had no real plan as to where and when I was going to see and visit the different islands. I almost had a “winging it” mentality and it worked out to be the best plan I made. I only ended up staying in Patong beach for 2 nights and then I set off to Phi Phi island.

Phi Phi Island or Koh Phi Phi is one of the smallest islands ever. There are no tuk tuk’s or other modes of transport, you literally walk everywhere you go. Remember the Yellow Brick Road 🙂

Getting to Phi Phi Island

The journey from Phuket harbor to Phi Phi harbor takes between 1.5 – 2 hours which is very reasonable. I arrange to be collected from my B&B in Patong beach to take me to the harbor and that cost me Bhat 400 for the whole journey to Phi Phi which I thought was not a bad price.

One note: Always look around as I had some booking agents wanting to charge me up to Baht 800 for the same journey and I believe if I looked harder I could have gotten the price down as well.

Accommodation on Phi Phi

As Phi Phi is such a small island, it is best to pre-book your accommodation on the island before you get there. I used for all my accommodation on my Thailand trip.

I did adhere to my advice about booking my accommodation and when I finally found a bungalow, I had been walking for 2 hours up the ever different street as no one could actually tell me where this place was and in the end, they had cocked up my booking. So I had to find another place to stay while in Phi Phi.

I jumped onto The app and I found myself a little room in the heart of the island which was close to everything. The place was Ibiza House Phi Phi and it is quite a place and their price was very reasonable as well. They did have a pool party on one of the days I was staying there and it was epic.. a lot of fun and a lot of buckets later.

Activities from Phi Phi Island

There is an abundance activity to do on the island, everything from island trips, snorkeling, island hopping, booze island trips, Maya Beach (The Beach Movie) overnight stays and so much more.

While on the island I ended up doing two-day trips:

The first was 10 activity Island tour on a Tuk Tuk boat. On this trip, you do snorkeling, island visits including Maya Beach and Sunset stops. I will be honest at the beginning the boat ride was fun as it was unique and something different but after 6 hours in the boat with no backrest, the constant rocking starts taking its toll on your back. You do see a lot and it is a great way to see all the fabulous islands. This tour cost Baht 600 for the day but there is better…

My second boat trip was on a big speedboat. Basically, we were going to see the same island but it was the vessel and the people on board that made the difference. The boat was a booze island tour. Basically, you paid Baht 1000 and all your booze on board was covered. The trip itself was shorter but not by much as we spent longer at each destination. It was a hell of a lot more comfortable and the people on board were a lot more friendly and into the whole trip where my first everyone kind of stayed to themselves even on the boat.

So my advice I would recommend the Booze Boat Trip. If that is your thing of course…

Phi Phi Nightlife

Other than the beautiful islands you visit and activities, you really come to Phi Phi island for the nightlife and massive party atmosphere. The island has some really cool and funky bars in the center and of course, there are bars on the beach which stay open until all hours of the morning.

As you follow the Yellow Brick Road around Phi Phi island, you will see various bars that look quiet during the day but get very active during the night. What I found is people would start off at bars in town and then venture to the beach where they would dance, chill, watch fire displays. So many people all moving towards the same beat.

Slinky Beach Bar: This bar is rather big and is located right on the beach. The music is awesome here.

Reggae Bar: Here you can watch patrons of the bar get in the ring and the winner gets a bucket. Are you brave enough to fight in the ring?

Apache Beach Bar: Also situated on Loh Dalum beach this place only starts getting festive after 10 pm and is open till late

Ibiza Pool Party: This is a pool party with live DJs. the party rocks all afternoon with everyone in the pool.

To name but a few… I did visit a load of them but to be honest I don’t remember their names but I still had a great time there. My advice is to move about and explore the different bars and restaurants as there are so many. You will find what you favor and that is cool as that is traveling.

Island Recommendation

Phi Phi Island has to be on your “Have To” visit list as it is such a fun island. So much to do and so much fun to be had. I would and will be going back as I had a blast.

Enjoy Phi Phi

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