The line has been drawn and our relationship is over. Time to move on.

Many years ago, in a past life, I worked at Yelp in their London office. It was the time they had just purchased Qype for $50 million and they were merging the two companies.

Fancy offices in a great part of London, Yelp was the new kid on the block bring with them the success that they had created in the USA and trying to conquer Europe in one foul swoop.

I will say this, back in 2012 they had a good product, their ideas were spot on but the management and I did not see eye to eye on how I was to speak to clients.

Let’s just say I had my own technique of telesales that brought me great success at Qype and they did not like my styles of selling.

If memory serves me right, my employment at lasted for all of 3 weeks before I handed in my notice and moved on to bigger and better things for me.

The straw that broke the camels back

Over the years I have used Yelp to write reviews and also to list my clients’ businesses to increase local awareness and also to allow their customers to leave reviews.

It has been almost two weeks since I “tried to create” a new business listing for my new agency website that I am launching very soon.

My thinking was to create all my social media profiles pre-launch. Allowing me to have everything ready when the site was ready to be set live.

This is the response I received after submitting my business listing:

They are referring to my address. My property does not have a standard number to identify it rather a name.

I responded with to that email with a direct link to a property website where the house was for sale and it quite clearly showing the name and full address. Proving it a real property.

I never got a reply from the email that I sent

Poor customer service from Yelp

Being quite annoyed with the lack of response from the Yelp customer service, I turned to Twitter to see if I could get some feedback from another section of Yelp.

To give you a quick answer… NO… I did not get a response.

I tweeted @Yelp and @YelpLondon on a number of occasions and not one reply. My blood starts to boil now because all I want to do is add my business to their website.

2 days past and no word from customer services or from Twitter… Fate is sealed!

The whole process is just bad business in my eyes.

Gone with the wind

Today, I call time on me ever using Yelp. I have requested my whole profile be deleted and information removed from their system.

After having a profile on the Yelp website for a number of years and using it to review some businesses and also to check it to businesses. Being a Yelper…


From the beginning of this drama of getting a business listing on Yelp, bad reviews about their service in the UK and USA have started appearing to me.

The whole essence of Yelp makes me upset. They were the company to watch and every business should be listed because of the whole review lifestyle.

Today in the year 2017, Yelp are the epitome of online bullying and how a company should not do business.

Yelp be gone

Moving forward, I shall refuse to add my details onto the Yelp website for any of my own websites and also my clients.

In fact, I would advise any business that is on the Yelp website to remove their content immediately for the safety of their reputation online.

Businesses who fall out of favour with the Yelp organisation tend to have a string of bad reviews listed on their profile which can and will damage their overall sales.

Forget Yelp, here are 6 better review websites

The internet is full of resources when you look. Here are 6 review websites that you can get your business listed and your customers reviewing your business.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Trustpilot
  3. TripAdvisor
  4. Better Business Bureau
  5. Facebook Ratings
  6. Your Own Website
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