Online success starts with a good website setup

I have been playing with the core setup of my rank & rent websites and figuring out what is the best way to set them up to get the most traction in the search engines and I believe I am very close.

The majority of my websites are overlayed using an iframe script which displays the clients website on top of my website which is ranking in the search engines.

What is a Rank & Rent Website?

I won’t go into to much detail as I will divert away from the main post topic.

A rank & rent website is a website that I personally build, rank it in the search engines for specific keywords that would benefit a business and then I rent it out to a business.

The company who rents my website will pay a monthly fee to have his website displayed onto of my website in the search engines.

The Website Setup

I will not go into the setup of a WordPress site, I am going to go straight to the main page setup, it is the most important part of the whole website.

#1 Quality Content

This has to be one of the most important elements of a website setup. Your content must be a minimum of 1000 words. I generally go for 2000 words as this is normally more than the websites that I am trying to dominate and beat to position 1 in Google.

Your content should revolve around your main keyword and throughout the content, you should be using LSI keywords and variations that you would like to rank for as well.

Personally, I break my content into different sections and each section revolves around a different keyword and variations.

I would advise everyone to play with their content creation and see what works best for the niche’s you are going after.

#2 Optimised Images

A missed opportunity when setting up a website is optimised images. The technical term is Alt Tags, these are specific to images.

Alt Tags inform the search engines what the image is about and it definitely helps with SEO.

An Alt Tag is a description given to an image. Personally, I write a sentence about the services my R&R website is going after. Go for long tail keyword phrases.

Always put a minimum of 3 images on every page that you create.

#3 Youtube Video

When I can, I create and upload a video to Youtube that links back to the website I am building.

  • Create a video title with a variety of your main keywords.
  • Add a long description – 1000 words
  • Add a link back to home page of the website.

I will then place that video on the main page of the website (a nice link loop from your website to Youtube).

#4 Outbound Link

Part of good On-Page SEO is to add outbound links and it is best to link to an authority in your niche.

Personally, I use Wikipedia as my link website as there is no bigger authority website.

Do a search in Google for “Niche keyword + Wikipedia” and you will find the relevant page to link to at the top of the search results.

An outbound link does help with the optimisation of your website!

#5 Latest Posts of Your Blog

Lastly, I add a stream of blog posts that are being published in the blog section of the website.

I believe that having a blog stream on your main page is crucial to that page ranking in the search engines.

Your page is constantly changing with relevant content.

Now, adding content on a regular basis is time-consuming and if you have a number of sites you will not be able to create and publish content on a regular basis.


I use a plugin that imports Youtube videos with the content placed by the video owner to your website on a constant basis.

This means that my main page and website is growing daily with relevant posts with content relating to your website. Bonus!

Start to Launch

The research that goes into selecting a keyword and location does take time. I do not throw together a keyword and a location and start building.

I make sure that there is a decent amount of traffic and also analyse the websites that are ranking on the first page of Google, looking at their inbound links and On-Page SEO.

Once I have researched keywords and selected a location that I am going to build a website, I look for a domain name that will suit the keyword combination. Once I have found a good domain I purchase it.

For the content, I head over to iWriter and request an article. I have a couple of writers that I use and they know what I am looking for. The reason why I stick with them is the content is always original and passes Copyscape all the time.

2000 words cost $14 which I believe is a winner!

During the content creation, I am setting up the hosting and adding relevant plugins to the website.

 You will find the plugins that work for your type of website builds

Once I have the content, I follow the 5 steps mentioned above. The website build takes no longer than 1 hour.

The website is then submitted to the search engines and indexed. Once the website is indexed, I would focus on the link building.

This is my method of building the home page of my Rank & Rent websites.

Have any question? List them below in the comments section.